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Cry Babies Tutti Frutti Ella – Interactive Baby Doll with Real Tears & Strawberry Fruit Scented Pyjamas, Toys & Lifelike Baby Doll for Kids 2 Years and Up

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INTERACTIVE SCENTED DOLL: This is Ella, a cute Cry Babies doll with changeable strawberry themed pyjamas that smells like real fruit

REAL TEARS & BABY SOUNDS: she will start crying like a real baby when you take away her dummy

TAKING CARE OF A DOLL: soothe your Cry Baby Ella by putting the dummy in her mouth or gently laying her down

FUN and IMAGINATION: Cry Baby Ella encourages kids to engage in fun imaginative play

GREAT TOY for girls and boys 18 Months +; 30cm tall doll fully articulated head, arms and legs for added play value!

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Meet the Cry Baby Ella, sweet baby with the pajamas decorated with strawberry that lives in the Tutti Frutti world! It’s very sweet… But he cries real tears when you take off his pacifier! Put it again or he won’t stop crying, and every time he will make it stronger! You can even lay it out to calm it! The Ella doll with pajamas decorated with strawberry Tutti Frutti by Cry Babies includes her pacifier and interchangeable pajamas decorated with strawberry, plus it smells of fruit!

Product Description – Cry Babies ELLA


cry babies; all fruits; shecry babies; all fruits; she

cry babies; all fruits; shecry babies; all fruits; she

They bring the pajamas with their favorite fruit and have a delicious fragrance!

If you take off their pacifier… They cry real tears!

They reproduce sounds, complaints or cry if you do not pay attention to them.

cry babies; all fruitscry babies; all fruits

cry babies; all fruits; shecry babies; all fruits; she

Enter the world of Cry Babies and know each of your favorite dolls.

Adorable dolls with pajamas inspired by their mascot and now also their favorite fruit… And in addition, they smell fruit! There are several models, each with a pajamas decorated with a different fruit.

They are very sweet… But they cry real tears when you take off their pacifier!

Put it on them again or they won’t stop crying, and every time they will make him stronger. You can also cradle them in your arms to calm them.

Battery operated

The Cry Babies have a switch at the back or inside the battery compartment to adjust the functionality of the dolls.

The positions of such a switch are:



DEMO file

For proper operation of the doll read the instructions carefully. It is advisable not to store water inside for many hours to protect its storage.

The doll includes her pajamas and the pacifier

  • It may include batteries for demonstration use. These must be replaced by new batteries, as specified in the manual.

  • Length – ONE (mm): 230, Width – A (mm): 160, Height – A (mm): 305

  • Recommended age from 18 months

  • Requires 2 x LR03 (AAA) 1.5V batteries

cry babies; all fruits; shecry babies; all fruits; she