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Cry Babies Fantasy Tina The Blue Dinosaur – Interactive Baby Doll Crying Real Tears with Dummy

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INTERACTIVE DOLL: This is Tina, a cute Cry Babies doll with changeable Dinosaur themed pyjamas

REAL TEARS & BABY SOUNDS: she will start crying like a real baby when you take away her dummy

TAKING CARE OF A DOLL: soothe your Cry Baby Tina by putting the dummy in her mouth or gently laying her down

FUN & IMAGINATION: Cry Baby Tina encourages kids to engage in fun imaginative play

GREAT TOY for girls & boys 18 Months +; 30cm tall doll fully articulated head, arms and legs for added play value!

THE WORLD OF CRY BABIES: create a magical world with all the accessories created especially for your doll

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Cry babies FantasyCry babies Fantasy


Cry Babies Fantasy are lovely baby dolls that lives in a fantasy world! They are very cute but… they cry real tears when you take them dummy out! Put them dummy back in again or they won’t stop crying and they cry even louder! You can also soothe them by rocking them gently or lying them down.

Cry Babies Fantasy DreamyCry Babies Fantasy Dreamy

Cry Babies baby dollsCry Babies baby dolls

  • Doll dimensions: approx. 30cm Tall

  • Perfect for Girls and Boys aged 18 months and up

  • 2 AAA batteries required


Cry Babies dolls encourages kids to engage in fun imaginative play

Girls and boys enjoy playing with Cry Babies dolls, imitating their parent’s behavior. By dressing and caring their dolls, children develop & learn important social and emotional skills, like empathy.

What’s inside:

  • 1 interactive baby doll Cry Babies

  • 1 changeable Fantasy animal onesie

  • 1 dummy attached to the pyjamas

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