Tribe Seeks Equal Opportunity to Build New England Casino

The Aquinnah Wampanoag indian tribe has announced it will seek permission to build a new casino if the other tribe in the state is permitted as well.

The other tribe is the Mashpee Wampanoag, who is seeking to build a casino in the town of Middleborough, MA. They are in the final steps of sealing the contract. Initial reports on the agreement claimed the Mashpee will pay a fee of $7 million dollars per year to the local government for the rights to operate the casino.

If the Mashpee finalize their deal, the Aquinnah will immediately begin the process of requesting permission to build a casino. The tribe, which is located on Martha’s Vineyard, has said there are no plans to actually build on Martha’s Vineyard, but rather would seek an alternate location. It is predicted there would be strong opposition to any casino development by anyone on the Vineyard.

The Aquinnah Wampanoag tribe has been a federally recognized tribe since 1987. They tried for about ten years to start a casino in Southeastern Massachusetts, but the deal collapsed in 1997 when the State rejected a proposal to have the tribe take over state-owned land.


California Gambling Market Up For Grabs Due To Casino Expansion

It used to be that if people wanted to gamble, they took their vacation time and fled to the hollowed ground of Las Vegas, Nevada. The rest of the states are now catching up, and Vegas will soon face its biggest competition for the California market, as a Sacramento casino is trying to keep locals home.

The United Auburn Indian Community runs The Thunder Valley Casino, a gambling facility, that, four years ago, began challenging Las Vegas for patrons from california. Now, the casino is planning on renevations that could further deter these patrons away from Vegas, and towards Sacramento.

Thunder Valley announced plans to add a performing arts center, ballrooms, a 23 story hotel, and most importantly, more casino space to the already existing casino.

Although many believe this expansion will put pressure on the Reno casinos, Thunder Valley officials do not see Reno as a rival.

Spokesman Doug Elmets said,”Thunder Valley does not look at Reno as a competitor. We see Reno as complimentary to what we do and plan to do.”

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