Third Casino Approved By Voters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The war that has been going on regarding the expansion to a third casino in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has come to an end. After all of the advertising was complete, voters went to the polls.

The outcome was what will soon be the addition of a third casino in the area. Voters approved the third casino on Saturday at the polls.

Pinnacle Entertainment is the beneficiary of the vote. The issue has caused quite a stir in Louisiana, where both sides spent much money trying to convince voters to vote one way or the other.

The result follows a pattern that is currently sweeping through the United States. Voters almost everywhere are realizing the advantages of casino gambling. The expansion throughout the country is creating jobs. It also is bringing in additional revenue to state budgets, a perk that is desperately needed in these tough economic times.

The vote on Saturday will now allow Pinnacle to move forward with their plans. They are building a hotel, a tennis club, a spa, an equestrian area, condos, shops, and a 250 acre golf course, in addition to the new casino.


EuroMillions Lottery Could Break World Gambling Payout Record Friday

Gambling on the lottery in the U.K. will reach new heights leading up to Friday’s draw. The jackpot prize is up to $185 million. That is the largest single lottery prize money in gambling’s history.

Other records could also be set this upcoming week. If one person wins the prize, it will be the largest individual payout in the world. This will be the last week that the figure will continue to grow.

If nobody wins this week, the money will then be divided up between the people who are on the next prize level down. The shot for history will have many in Europe scrambling to make sure they get their tickets.

With so many countries involved in the lottery, it will make for a hectic week of lunch hours and late night traveling to pick up tickets. The countries where the lottery is available are Portugal, Switzerland, France, the U.K., Spain, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, and Ireland.

United States lotteries have offered higher prize numbers in the past, several factors including spread out payments or taxes will make this prize the grandest of all time.

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