Poker strategies


Holdem is the most popular form of online poker.The key to success is an easy understanding of the rules, but on the other hand it still remains challenging for professional and experienced players. The strategy of the game depends very much on the player’s position in that round. The first who bets must make decisions without having any information about the players who act behind him, while the last player “on the button” that acts, knows exactly the way the players in front of him are playing and adjusts his decision. Late position is considered the most profitable in this regard. If you receive a raise with big pairs, for example AA-JJ, it is worth your reraise. The game after the flop After the flop, you might have an opinion about your cards value. The strategy until the present was relatively simple, but the game is still being more complicated and expensive, so you must have on the flop some solid cards in order to have solid chances to win until the showdown. Usually good cards on the flop are: An overpair (one pair in hand that is higher than the highest card on the table) or the highest pair with a good kicker (the highest card in your hand without pair). A draw (pending cards will help you) to a flush or an open-ended straight draw with at least three players. But the strategy depends on the type of table where you play as preflop. In games at low limits the mathematically and correct play is recommended and profitably, you need to learn calculating the odds (chances to win) and pot-odds (chances that depend on the pot). To earn the higher limits you will need to develop more sophisticated tactics such as: bluffing, semi-bluffing, check-raising and slowplaying.

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