Majestic Star Owner Suspends Casino Payments To Gary, Indiana


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Gary, Indians, has been receiving tax money from the Majestic Star Casino. That money has been used for several different financial obligations that Gary has. Now that payment is getting withheld.

Don Barden, who owns the Majestic Star Casino, has withheld the latest tax payment from the casino to Gary. he is claiming that he has not received something that Gary has promised. An access road to get to his casino.

Barden has already started to take legal action against the city. He has filed complaints the Marion County Circuit Court last week. He also has filed a complaint with the American Arbitration Association.

Barden is not just keeping the money that is supposed to go to the city. He claims he will be depositing three percent of his adjusted gross receipts into a “segregated account” from each of his two casinos. His hope is that the court system will push the city to use that money to build the access road that has been promised.

The city is in financial trouble already. Without the money that was coming from the casino, the city will struggle to pay debts that are typically paid with the February 12th payment.

“The city is skating on thin ice anyway,” said Mayor Rudy Clay, in response to Barden not giving the payment to the city. The access roads were allegedly promised to Barden so people can get to his businesses.


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